Our Company started out in 1982 as a watch wholesaler, dealing primarily in the importing and exporting of well-known brands of watches named for the upper and middle class markets.

By 1999, already a well-established name in the watch business, in and out of the United States, JS Creations decided to rise to the challenge of the ever-growing, highly dynamic and extremely competitive world of jewelry manufacturing. To set us apart from the other companies in the world-renowned jewelry district of Los Angeles, we specialized in the field of invisible settings.

After three years of venturing into the jewelry business, JS Creations has earned its mark as a well-repute jeweler having formed several mutually beneficial business alliances with some of the world's well established and distinguished jewelry retailers outside of the US.

Now, we are gearing up for a new adventure, wherein our aim is to tap into the vast and highly competitive domestic market. We hope that you will give us a chance to serve you and show you what we have got to offer.



We aim to please our retailers, their customers and our own individual clients.

While it is said that you cannot please everybody,
we strive to do our very best to do just that!

We want to provide our customers with an overall satisfying  experience by offering a wide selection of products and designs - from timeless pieces, to fashionable and up-to date designs, to custom made, to individual's styles. Combined with wholesale prices, high quality craftsmanship and excellent after-service, we hope to maintain a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers by giving them a pleasant, hassle free & truly memorable buying experience as evident in our LIFETIME GUARANTEE policy.


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